The trip through the Solana beam took off approximately at 0039 UTC on 18 December 2021 after a few hiccups and challenges fixed thanks to our Lead Propulsion Engineer Merrick.

333 of our Friendly Platties were on their way who will be the Gen 0 in the world of Solana. What a bold step forward these Friendly Platties took for the future of their next generations.

Our Gen 0 Friendly Platties are busy setting up their new homes, and have found new partners.

All our early supporters who took care of a Gen 0 Friendly Platty, should now also see their partner Platty in the wallet!



A Friendly Platty has been patiently waiting at the Solana gate to finally greet her boyfriend who just transcended from Earth.

It’s finally the perfect conditions at the world of Solana. A Friendly Platty has been looking forward to seeing this moment. When the guardians figured out how to escape the confinement of their physical bodies and migrate into the Solana blockchain, she and her partner made a difficult decision. Due to their specialised skills, both of them decided to help out the migration of their Platty community from Earth into the Solana blockchain. They could only do this efficiently by residing at each end of the worlds, hoping for one day to reunite. That day has finally come.



We have been working hard ensuring our Friendly Platties can safely reside in the Candy Machine, and in the upcoming marketplace.

We have 6969 adult Friendly Platties including eggs for giveaways and part of collaborations, ready to see the world.

Behind the scenes, we have interviewed and hired two new members for our Marketing team:


These guys will help bring Friendly Platty to the masses.

We are also currently interviewing another member for team building.

Stay tuned and feel free to ask questions. Thanks for the patience!